About Us

Welcome to our page! Lip Niche was created out of our desire to tie beauty and philanthropy together. A simple discussion between two friends ignited the idea to create an all natural lip care line while illustrating causes that we support. Check out our gallery to see those causes. Our vision is simple: We want our customers to look and feel AMAZING wearing our product,and we want to give back!

Our glosses are formulated with all natural ingredients to promote soft, supple lips while also giving a superb shine and feel. Designed with a "no sticky lips" concept, this line is perfect for those of all ages and lifestyles who may like little to no color, or those who like to apply a lot of color. It's up to you! The more you use it, the softer your lips will feel, without all the stickiness that comes from other glosses on the market.

We hope we inspire you to "Find Your Niche," from the colors you choose to the causes you care about! When you buy our glosses, you will be buying with a purpose and you will be making a difference.

Here's to Celebrating Beauty with a Cause!


Anna & Nichet